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Excitement for whats to come in the future

I was coming out of the movie theater the other day when I noticed a pole that looked kind of like a parking meter in front of a few cars. This got me curious as to what it was upon further inspection I noticed it was a car charging station for the new electric cars. Seeing this got me really excited for some reason. I dont know if it comes down to the fact that I love the idea of having an electric car or if its just the normal excitement I get when I discover new technology at work in the community I live in. what ever it is I like it a lot. I am most excited about seeing the acceptance of electric cars into every day life because it means we will have to use less and less gasoline as a country on a daily basis. Not only will this help the the owners of the electric cars but the owners of the gas cars as well, because this means that gas prices could fall because of the surplus gas that is not being used. So really electric cars area a win win for every one. I hope that we continue to see more and more electric cars make there way onto the market in the near future.


Do you like the idea of electric cars? Would you ever think about buying an electric car?

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