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Look at what the cloud is doing.

With the introduction of portable media and the cloud we have seen some pretty incredible stuff surface that most of us never thought could be possible. Probably the biggest thing thought of when thinking about that cloud is “c;loud storage”. Cloud storage has allowed us to be able to save a document and open it where ever we are when ever we need it. We also now have the ability to watch shows that have been recorded on our home DVR’s thanks to cloud technologies.This makes it impossible for people to miss out on their favorite shows. Now on to some of the newer things that were at one point in my life time would have been impossible to carry out. The first cool new thing that I would like to shine a light on is a thing called the nest thermostat. what could be so cool about a thermostat you ask, well maybe the fact that this thermostat is WIFI enabled meaning that you can change the temperature of your house straight from your Ipad or Iphone. As of right now the app only exists for IOS devices but in that it was a success and works properly I am sure there will be a multi-platform app released at some point. Another cool device is a camera known as the Dropcam. The Dropcam is a new surveillance device that can be placed just about any where you could imagine. The cool thing about this cam is that you can log into the camera any where you have an Internet connection and view what is going on. All of these new devices are becoming very popular in this day and age. As we can clearly see by looking at all of our new technologies the cloud is clearing shaping more new products beyond just computers, smart phones, and tablets.

What do you think about what the cloud has done to the world of technology? What is your favorite cloud product?

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Windows 8

So if you were not aware the Windows 8 developer preview (beta version) has been released. To answer the most asked question I have seen this week yea a new Windows operating system is coming. This really is not all that shocking to me it has been 2 and a half years since the release of Windows 7. Windows 8 will bring a lot of new features to the table a lot of these features have never been seen in an operating system before. The first cool feature is that Windows 8 will be able to run on ARM processors. This means that the windows 8 operating system that will be on your computer will also be compatible with tablets. With this feature it also means that the operating system as a whole will run much faster on normal computers meaning that those long boot up times are a thing of the past. Along with those boot times being cut all your load times will be cut by a bit. I have not yet gotten the chance to see the new Operating system yet so I can not give my opinion on its use or features but from the sounds of I can guess that Windows 8 will become a real power house in operating systems. The fact that it can be run on tablets will make it a bit more a popular operating system.


what are your thoughts on Microsoft putting out a new operating system? would you be willing to Upgrade if given the chance

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