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Make easy payments on the GO

I was doing some reading about new Techie devices this morning when I stumbled upon a device known as the Go Watch. What is the Go Watch you ask? The Go Watch is a digital watch that has a contactless payment chip inside of it that acts as your credit card. When paying for something using the Go Watch all you have to do is wave your wrist in front of a scanner that will read all the credit card information and make the transaction. Also the Go Watch can store medical information as well. This means that if you are wearing the Go Watch and something was to happen to you paramedics could scan your watch and instantly know all the information they need to help save your life. I personally think that this is a very very cool device, But I also think it could lead to a lot of bad. In that all you have to do to buy something is wave your wrist in front of a scanner its gonna make buying things much much easier which could lead to more debt  if you are not careful.



What do you think about the Go Watch? is it a product that you would think about buying and using?

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