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The Risks involved with this joyous season.

With the holiday season right around the corner people are starting to think about getting a jump on their christmas shopping. A lot of people will do part if not all of their christmas shopping on line this year, and with so many people making purchasing over the internet the risk of identity theft grows. In this article I am going to give you a couple tips on how to stay safe and lessen the risk of having your information stolen. Tip number one always shop on known trusted websites, Such as a, or an actual retailers website. By following tip one you can rest assure that your information is in the right hands and wont be used against you. Tip 2 if the website looks fishy then there is a good chance that it probably is. Tip 3 don’t jump into anything no matter how good the deal is before doing some searching around first. Make sure that the website is reputable and secure before putting in your information. Final tip keep a close eye on your bank accounts and keep detailed records of the purchases you have made so you can accurately track what you have spent. If you follow the simple steps the chances that you will have your information stolen will be less. Please don’t let the thought of identity theft keep you away from enjoying buying gifts for your family and friends. So to all of have a fun safe holiday shopping season.


Will you take part in the online shopping experience this year? what is your favorite site to buy from?

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I can not believe it has been a decade

In October of 2001 the world was introduced to a new device. Little did people know it would be the device that revolutionized the portable music industry. If you have not guessed it by now I am talking about the Ipod. Yes the worlds most popular portable music player has now been a part of our lives for 10 years. The Ipod started off as this huge brick like device that was capable of holding 5 gigs of music and had a battery life of only 10 hours. Of course over the years the Ipod has gotten a whole lot better and has adapted perfectly to the trends of society what started out as a huge brick with buttons has turned into a sleek smooth music player with touch screen integration. The Ipod has definitely brought a lot of change to the world of portable music and I feel that it will continue to bring even more revolutionary changes in the next ten years. All I can say is that I am super excited to be see what the future of portable music brings and how it changes and shapes how we live life on a daily basis. So just as a closing statement I would like to say Happy birthday to the Ipod and wish it many more years of success.


What has been your favorite feature out of any Ipod ever? What Ipod model has been your all time favorite?

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R.I.P Steve Jobs you are a true legend.

Yes the rumors seem to be true former CEO of Apple Steve Jobs has passed away today at the age of 56. There is really no simple way to explain the significance of this loss. Steve Jobs did so much for the world of technology. Under the reign of Steve Jobs we saw some pretty amazing products such as the Ipod which revolutionized the world of portable music. We were also introduced to the most well known smart phone on the market today that being the Iphone. He also was at the helm of piloting the table computing rage with the IPad. Steve Jobs will never be forgotten, He will always be one of the main Icons in the technology industry.

In conclusion all I can say if REST IN PEACE Steve Jobs all the Apple fan boys will never forget all that you have done.


My condolences to all the love ones he left behind.



How do you feel about the loss of Steve jobs? what is your most favorite thing apple did under his reign?

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F8 (Facebook developers conference) wrap up

I am guessing that a good majority if not all of you have realized that Facebook has made some pretty significant changes to its social media network this week. I know that these changes have been either hated or loved by everyday Facebook users. In this blog post I am going to try and relay the information that was presented by Facebook yesterday as to why the changes are being made and what we can expect in the future. The past 5 years of the Facebook era have been all about connecting you with the people you know and in that now that’s pretty much done its time to usher in a new era that’s gonna be all about sharing with friends. This means more integration of services that will make it easier to share things with people. there are also going to be a few new features released that are supposed to make facebook easier to use. One the these features in known as the ticker. You will find the ticker on the top right hand side of the screen. what the ticker does is take all the light weight things that people do (such as like comments and so on) and it shows them there. This is supposed to allow the news feed to be for only the important stuff (like status updates and so on). This feature has already been released and my personal opinion is I like it a lot, I feel it has cleaned up the news feed which is a change that I am all for. another new thing is the evolution of the profile which will happen over the next few weeks (according to Facebook). The profile will come to be called timeline. Timeline will be set up to act as the story of your life using the statuses that you post pictures,  that you share, apps that you interact with, and so on. there really is not much that I can say about timeline as I have not had the chance to see it and play with it yet. All the changes really come at a key time for Facebook as Google+ just launched to the public a few days ago. In my opinion it will be interesting to see if Facebook and Google+ can coexist on the same Internet.  All that is left for me to say is there is significant changes coming within the world of social networking and I am ready to ride the wave and see where it takes me.


Do you think the facebook changes are a good thing? Would you switch from Facebook to Google+?

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Windows 8

So if you were not aware the Windows 8 developer preview (beta version) has been released. To answer the most asked question I have seen this week yea a new Windows operating system is coming. This really is not all that shocking to me it has been 2 and a half years since the release of Windows 7. Windows 8 will bring a lot of new features to the table a lot of these features have never been seen in an operating system before. The first cool feature is that Windows 8 will be able to run on ARM processors. This means that the windows 8 operating system that will be on your computer will also be compatible with tablets. With this feature it also means that the operating system as a whole will run much faster on normal computers meaning that those long boot up times are a thing of the past. Along with those boot times being cut all your load times will be cut by a bit. I have not yet gotten the chance to see the new Operating system yet so I can not give my opinion on its use or features but from the sounds of I can guess that Windows 8 will become a real power house in operating systems. The fact that it can be run on tablets will make it a bit more a popular operating system.


what are your thoughts on Microsoft putting out a new operating system? would you be willing to Upgrade if given the chance

My thoughts on Android

Now that I own two Android devices, I can officially say that I truly like their operating system. I feel that it’s got immense potential to really make an impact on the future. As we see more and more tablets come out, I think we will see Android continue to become a power-house mobile operating system.

Google first released Android on the original Droid cell phone in 2009. Since then, we have seen Android’s popularity sky-rocket. I would say it’s most famous for revolutionizing our society by introducing “Cloud Computing” (if you are unfamiliar with Cloud Computing, please read my article titled “What Is Cloud Storage?”).

As for my personal thoughts on Android, I love it. I think having my Android devices has made keeping up with friends and family easier. With it, I’m always kept up to date on breaking news, weather, and cool events going on around me. I feel like as time goes on we will see Android continue to grow, and I do believe that one day we will no longer have physical computers that we sit at, but rather some sort of mobile device to carry and use to accomplish all daily tasks.


What are your thoughts about Android? Do you own any kind of Android device?

Has email died and gone to computer heaven?

I was reading an article this week that I found to be pretty interesting. This article was about how kids in today’s society don’t really understand what the point of an email is. Though I am not really surprised by this thought, it did make me sit back for a minute and think: is email a dead part of society? I mean, if you think about it, when was the last time you told someone you would email them something? I am not talking about interaction through a social network, I am talking about personal messages, through email. In a recent survey of today’s teenager, 44% of students said that email has its place and will stick around for a little while yet; while 41% said that social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ have taken over email and made it no longer a useful tool. 15% of students were not quite sure what the future held for the once popular form of communication. I believe that there is a time and a place for email and also believe that there is a separate time and place for social networking. If you are in a corporate environment, then it’s more professional and safe to email information back and forth; if you are just having a casual conversation amongst friends, then it is more practical to use a social network. It will be interesting to see what really does happen to the world of email in the next few years.


Do you think email is a dead form of communication? If you still use email, what importance does it have to you?

What is all the talk about Steve Jobs for

Steve Jobs former CEO of apple publicly submitted his resignation letter to apple yesterday. Yes this is shocking in that he was one of the Cofounders of the company. Steve Jobs is being replaced by Tim Cook. As some of you may know Steve has been battling with health issues for quite some time now. Tim Cook has been the man in charge through out steve’s absences. Steve thinks that Tim Cook will run the company in almost the same way that he has for years. even though this is a major change don’t expect the company to change to much. They will still produce the same quality products that they always have. I feel that if anything the company may become a little bit stronger in that they have a newer guy on top who is planning to bring a few fresh ideas to Apple. Tim Cook joined apple in March of 1998 as the Senior vice president of world operations, He has been handling the duties of CEO since about January of this year. The big point he wants people to understand through this change is that nothing within the company or product quality will change.





How do you think Apple will do through out this time of change? do you think the reputation they have will stand as it is?



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what is “Cloud” Storage

I  may have introduced a new term to some of you in my last blog when I referred to something called “Cloud Storage Services.” In this article I am going to explain what all this chatter about cloud services is about, as well as why I think cloud storage is a good thing in this day and age.

The basic idea behind cloud computing is that you can start a document where ever you are and save it using a service such as Drop Box, Microsoft’s Sky Drive, or Google Docs and be able to finish it somewhere else. Let’s say you’re a college student who does not have a laptop. You could start a paper in the library area on your college campus, and when you have to leave you can save your document in the cloud and finish it on the desktop computer in your dorm room or home. Cloud storage eliminates the need to carry around flash drives and portable hard drives that, after a while, can be bulky and hard to keep track of.

Cloud services can also be used with smart phones and tablets in that these devices now come with professional suites on them, which is awesome considering the small amount of storage space a smart phone or tablet has. I think that as cloud storage grows we will see it streamlined with more and more in our lives; not only on a personal level but a business level as well. Businesses can use cloud storage as a place to store system backups and important files because there is a very, VERY small chance that you will ever come across data loss while using a cloud service. I do believe that in the coming years we will see physical storage space shrink and cloud storage space grow and become more popular.

Do you or will you use cloud storage? What do you think about it?

What’s The Big Deal About Tablet Computing?

Tablet Computing is starting to become a very big part of today’s society. For those of you wondering why that is, I hope to solve that with this article.

Some of the biggest tablets on the market today are made by Blackberry, Sony, Apple, and Asus. Tablet Computing has sparked a major change in some industries, like the medical industry, where doctors and nurses used to carry actual physical patient files around. Now you see them carrying tablets that allow them to view all the patients’ files. This is made possible because tablets integrate with a thing called cloud storage. Cloud storage means you can store your information on the internet. Cloud storage has become very secure, and personally, I think that cloud storage is awesome because you can open a file any where you have an internet connection. I think the use of tablets and cloud storage could eventually one day make laptops a thing of the past.

Another thing that makes tablets nice is their small size. Most tablets are a lot smaller than a full laptop which makes them more portable. The battery life of a tablet can differ depending on what you are using the tablet to do. If you have a lot of applications that you utilize, then your battery life will reflect that. Same as if you use it just to read the news every day; your battery life will be reflected by the use.

Tablets can do everything from word processing to surfing the web to playing games- you name it and a tablet can probably do it. But the key point to a tablet is that you get all the functionality of a laptop for less than a laptop would cost you. Laptops range in price from about $500-$1000 depending on what brand you buy. Tablets usually range from the $250-$500 range again depending on what brand you buy. I own a tablet and find it nice when I don’t want to lug my laptop and accessories out with me. I feel that with time the tablet revolution will only grow.

Do you have or will you get a tablet? What are your thoughts on tablets becoming the thing of the future?

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