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My Top 5 Android Apps of the year

As we say goodbye to the year 2011 and hello to 2012 I would like to take a moment and spotlight the 5 Android apps that I used most through out this last year. The first app is called Words With Friends. For any of you that have played the game you know that it can be very very fun as well as very addicting. One of the things that I love most about Words With Friends is that you can play with all of your Facebook friends and twitter followers giving you a wide range of people to play with. The second app that I am going to spotlight is called ESPN Score Center. As a huge sports fan there have been several times over the past year where a big game is on and I don’t have access to a TV or Computer to catch up on all the scores, Well this app keeps you informed no matter where you have to be. The third app that I am gonna spot light is called Shop Savvy. With Shop Savvy you can always be sure you are getting the best deal on something just by simply using the camera on your device to scan the barcode. Once you have scanned the barcode it will show you all the stores in the area that have the item and what their price is for it. I like it because it does not take super long to scan the barcode and get your results plus it has saved me a ton of money over the past holiday season. The fourth app is known as Tango Video Caller. Tango Video Caller allows you to make video calls using the camera on your device. I like being able to have a way to see the faces of family and friends that live far away. Best part about this app is that its cross compatible between Android and IOS (Apple). If you are looking for a good way to stay connected with friends and family in a unique and fun way this is the app for you. Last but not least the fifth app is Called Shazam. Have you ever been listening to the radio and wonder what song is playing with shazam all you have to do is load the app and let it listen to the song, after a couple seconds of listening it will tell you what the name of the song is and who sings it. It will also save all the songs you use the app for so you can look them up later to buy them. With this app there is no time spent on google trying to figure out the name of the song which means more time for you to live life with your favorite music. All of these apps are great and very user friendly, and best of all they are all free apps in the android market meaning that you can share with me the joy of making these apps a part of your everyday life.

What is your favorite mobile app?

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Look at what the cloud is doing.

With the introduction of portable media and the cloud we have seen some pretty incredible stuff surface that most of us never thought could be possible. Probably the biggest thing thought of when thinking about that cloud is “c;loud storage”. Cloud storage has allowed us to be able to save a document and open it where ever we are when ever we need it. We also now have the ability to watch shows that have been recorded on our home DVR’s thanks to cloud technologies.This makes it impossible for people to miss out on their favorite shows. Now on to some of the newer things that were at one point in my life time would have been impossible to carry out. The first cool new thing that I would like to shine a light on is a thing called the nest thermostat. what could be so cool about a thermostat you ask, well maybe the fact that this thermostat is WIFI enabled meaning that you can change the temperature of your house straight from your Ipad or Iphone. As of right now the app only exists for IOS devices but in that it was a success and works properly I am sure there will be a multi-platform app released at some point. Another cool device is a camera known as the Dropcam. The Dropcam is a new surveillance device that can be placed just about any where you could imagine. The cool thing about this cam is that you can log into the camera any where you have an Internet connection and view what is going on. All of these new devices are becoming very popular in this day and age. As we can clearly see by looking at all of our new technologies the cloud is clearing shaping more new products beyond just computers, smart phones, and tablets.

What do you think about what the cloud has done to the world of technology? What is your favorite cloud product?

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Old fashioned print media seems to be dead.

In a recent report released by a company known as Emarketer it was discovered that adults now spend more time on their mobile devices than they do looking at old fashioned print media (such as newspapers and magazines). It is estimated that people spend about an hour a day using their mobile devices compared to just over half on hour spent with old fashioned media. This is the first year that significant mobile device usage has been recorded since the company started taking the survey in 2008. What we do not know from this survey is how is the usage time being spent. Are people reading and catching up on the news or are they surfing the net and playing games. Along with the growth in mobile device usage it was also reported that there was an increase in the amount of time people spend in front of the television in an average day. On average people spend about 4 and a half hours a day in front of there televisions. That number is up 30 minutes from previous recorded years.

Do you think our mobile devices are making us lazier? How much time per day do you spend using mobile devices?

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Make easy payments on the GO

I was doing some reading about new Techie devices this morning when I stumbled upon a device known as the Go Watch. What is the Go Watch you ask? The Go Watch is a digital watch that has a contactless payment chip inside of it that acts as your credit card. When paying for something using the Go Watch all you have to do is wave your wrist in front of a scanner that will read all the credit card information and make the transaction. Also the Go Watch can store medical information as well. This means that if you are wearing the Go Watch and something was to happen to you paramedics could scan your watch and instantly know all the information they need to help save your life. I personally think that this is a very very cool device, But I also think it could lead to a lot of bad. In that all you have to do to buy something is wave your wrist in front of a scanner its gonna make buying things much much easier which could lead to more debt  if you are not careful.



What do you think about the Go Watch? is it a product that you would think about buying and using?

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yet another Android milestone

A recent report by the search giant Google said that there are now 200 MILLION android devices active world wide. Android is very close to passing Apples IOS in total activations (IOS is about 50 million a head still). there was also a new graph released of the mobile market footholds in which we found that Android has a 43% share of the smart phone market trumping Apples 27% share. Google expects there total number of activations to soar in the coming weeks with the release of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. surveys find that most Android device are running one of the 2.X platforms wether that be 2.2 froyo or 2.3 gingerbread, The number of devices running 3.0 honeycomb is very small. In my personal opinion I like Android a lot and can not wait to see how much bigger it grows in the coming months.



Do you like Android or IOS better? When Android first came out did you ever think it would become this popular?


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What is the connected car

I recently watched a tech video all about the “connected” car. You might be wondering what is a connected car, Well I am here to explain that to you. A connected car is a car that has a built in 3G radio that will connect you to the internet. I got to thinking why do I need the internet in my car, then it was explained that the 3G connection is used for several cool purposes. The first purpose and probably the nicest one is navigation, it will allow your GPS to pin point your location making it easier to get places. another cool thing that connected cars can do is connect to internet radio such as I-heart radio and pandora, eliminating the need for a FM tuner and your smart phone. the final use as you may have guessed is telecommunications, such as making and receiving phone calls and it also supports services such as On Star and other helpful services. Another thing that this allows is the ability to control your electric car right from your smart phone via an app that connects to your car (not every manufacturer has an app out). Through the app you can control when your electric car charges, you can also make it auto start as well as do a couple other various things. In my opinion connected cars are going to lead the future of the automotive industry. I am actually surprised that this technological advancement was not released sooner.



What do you think of the idea of a connected car? would you ever think about getting one? what feature would you like best?

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I can not believe it has been a decade

In October of 2001 the world was introduced to a new device. Little did people know it would be the device that revolutionized the portable music industry. If you have not guessed it by now I am talking about the Ipod. Yes the worlds most popular portable music player has now been a part of our lives for 10 years. The Ipod started off as this huge brick like device that was capable of holding 5 gigs of music and had a battery life of only 10 hours. Of course over the years the Ipod has gotten a whole lot better and has adapted perfectly to the trends of society what started out as a huge brick with buttons has turned into a sleek smooth music player with touch screen integration. The Ipod has definitely brought a lot of change to the world of portable music and I feel that it will continue to bring even more revolutionary changes in the next ten years. All I can say is that I am super excited to be see what the future of portable music brings and how it changes and shapes how we live life on a daily basis. So just as a closing statement I would like to say Happy birthday to the Ipod and wish it many more years of success.


What has been your favorite feature out of any Ipod ever? What Ipod model has been your all time favorite?

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F8 (Facebook developers conference) wrap up

I am guessing that a good majority if not all of you have realized that Facebook has made some pretty significant changes to its social media network this week. I know that these changes have been either hated or loved by everyday Facebook users. In this blog post I am going to try and relay the information that was presented by Facebook yesterday as to why the changes are being made and what we can expect in the future. The past 5 years of the Facebook era have been all about connecting you with the people you know and in that now that’s pretty much done its time to usher in a new era that’s gonna be all about sharing with friends. This means more integration of services that will make it easier to share things with people. there are also going to be a few new features released that are supposed to make facebook easier to use. One the these features in known as the ticker. You will find the ticker on the top right hand side of the screen. what the ticker does is take all the light weight things that people do (such as like comments and so on) and it shows them there. This is supposed to allow the news feed to be for only the important stuff (like status updates and so on). This feature has already been released and my personal opinion is I like it a lot, I feel it has cleaned up the news feed which is a change that I am all for. another new thing is the evolution of the profile which will happen over the next few weeks (according to Facebook). The profile will come to be called timeline. Timeline will be set up to act as the story of your life using the statuses that you post pictures,  that you share, apps that you interact with, and so on. there really is not much that I can say about timeline as I have not had the chance to see it and play with it yet. All the changes really come at a key time for Facebook as Google+ just launched to the public a few days ago. In my opinion it will be interesting to see if Facebook and Google+ can coexist on the same Internet.  All that is left for me to say is there is significant changes coming within the world of social networking and I am ready to ride the wave and see where it takes me.


Do you think the facebook changes are a good thing? Would you switch from Facebook to Google+?

As always thanks for reading I appreciate it. feel free to rate this post if you enjoyed it.

Windows 8

So if you were not aware the Windows 8 developer preview (beta version) has been released. To answer the most asked question I have seen this week yea a new Windows operating system is coming. This really is not all that shocking to me it has been 2 and a half years since the release of Windows 7. Windows 8 will bring a lot of new features to the table a lot of these features have never been seen in an operating system before. The first cool feature is that Windows 8 will be able to run on ARM processors. This means that the windows 8 operating system that will be on your computer will also be compatible with tablets. With this feature it also means that the operating system as a whole will run much faster on normal computers meaning that those long boot up times are a thing of the past. Along with those boot times being cut all your load times will be cut by a bit. I have not yet gotten the chance to see the new Operating system yet so I can not give my opinion on its use or features but from the sounds of I can guess that Windows 8 will become a real power house in operating systems. The fact that it can be run on tablets will make it a bit more a popular operating system.


what are your thoughts on Microsoft putting out a new operating system? would you be willing to Upgrade if given the chance

My thoughts on Android

Now that I own two Android devices, I can officially say that I truly like their operating system. I feel that it’s got immense potential to really make an impact on the future. As we see more and more tablets come out, I think we will see Android continue to become a power-house mobile operating system.

Google first released Android on the original Droid cell phone in 2009. Since then, we have seen Android’s popularity sky-rocket. I would say it’s most famous for revolutionizing our society by introducing “Cloud Computing” (if you are unfamiliar with Cloud Computing, please read my article titled “What Is Cloud Storage?”).

As for my personal thoughts on Android, I love it. I think having my Android devices has made keeping up with friends and family easier. With it, I’m always kept up to date on breaking news, weather, and cool events going on around me. I feel like as time goes on we will see Android continue to grow, and I do believe that one day we will no longer have physical computers that we sit at, but rather some sort of mobile device to carry and use to accomplish all daily tasks.


What are your thoughts about Android? Do you own any kind of Android device?

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