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The Risks involved with this joyous season.

With the holiday season right around the corner people are starting to think about getting a jump on their christmas shopping. A lot of people will do part if not all of their christmas shopping on line this year, and with so many people making purchasing over the internet the risk of identity theft grows. In this article I am going to give you a couple tips on how to stay safe and lessen the risk of having your information stolen. Tip number one always shop on known trusted websites, Such as a, or an actual retailers website. By following tip one you can rest assure that your information is in the right hands and wont be used against you. Tip 2 if the website looks fishy then there is a good chance that it probably is. Tip 3 don’t jump into anything no matter how good the deal is before doing some searching around first. Make sure that the website is reputable and secure before putting in your information. Final tip keep a close eye on your bank accounts and keep detailed records of the purchases you have made so you can accurately track what you have spent. If you follow the simple steps the chances that you will have your information stolen will be less. Please don’t let the thought of identity theft keep you away from enjoying buying gifts for your family and friends. So to all of have a fun safe holiday shopping season.


Will you take part in the online shopping experience this year? what is your favorite site to buy from?

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