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R.I.P Steve Jobs you are a true legend.

Yes the rumors seem to be true former CEO of Apple Steve Jobs has passed away today at the age of 56. There is really no simple way to explain the significance of this loss. Steve Jobs did so much for the world of technology. Under the reign of Steve Jobs we saw some pretty amazing products such as the Ipod which revolutionized the world of portable music. We were also introduced to the most well known smart phone on the market today that being the Iphone. He also was at the helm of piloting the table computing rage with the IPad. Steve Jobs will never be forgotten, He will always be one of the main Icons in the technology industry.

In conclusion all I can say if REST IN PEACE Steve Jobs all the Apple fan boys will never forget all that you have done.


My condolences to all the love ones he left behind.



How do you feel about the loss of Steve jobs? what is your most favorite thing apple did under his reign?

As ALways thank you so much for reading please feel free to rate and comment if you like and tell your friends about me. I appreciate all the support.


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