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Windows 8

So if you were not aware the Windows 8 developer preview (beta version) has been released. To answer the most asked question I have seen this week yea a new Windows operating system is coming. This really is not all that shocking to me it has been 2 and a half years since the release of Windows 7. Windows 8 will bring a lot of new features to the table a lot of these features have never been seen in an operating system before. The first cool feature is that Windows 8 will be able to run on ARM processors. This means that the windows 8 operating system that will be on your computer will also be compatible with tablets. With this feature it also means that the operating system as a whole will run much faster on normal computers meaning that those long boot up times are a thing of the past. Along with those boot times being cut all your load times will be cut by a bit. I have not yet gotten the chance to see the new Operating system yet so I can not give my opinion on its use or features but from the sounds of I can guess that Windows 8 will become a real power house in operating systems. The fact that it can be run on tablets will make it a bit more a popular operating system.


what are your thoughts on Microsoft putting out a new operating system? would you be willing to Upgrade if given the chance


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3 thoughts on “Windows 8

  1. After using Windows 8 pre-beta release for a week I’ve come to a few conclusions.
    The boot time is wonderful, the new user interface is semi user friendly and may not be welcomed by many leaving me wishing they would allow a classical or old school preference on the start menu style allowing best of both words.
    The new feature of allowing you to use your windows live id is quite nice. It comes in handy when you HAVE a windows messenger embedding it into the OS. Sort of easing the consumers into the new age of CLOUD computing
    If people care for the classic games such as minesweeper, free cell and the others. Those are not included. However, depending on the apps department Im sure this will soon be remedied once Windows 8 becomes more popular.
    The other things that I love is now when it comes to copying and moving files. You can pause your transfers a third party software such as Teracopy is no longer needed. With that being said the task manger interface has been redone making it easier to understand for some of the less tech savvy People.
    Hold on to your horses though, these are just a few of the good things. There is a down side. Ive installed it on my Inspiron 1721. After installing the proper Video Graphics drive, my screen has flickered. So perhaps on older machines it may have compatibility issues. However, on another laptop that Ive tested it with I used the compatibility tools and it worked perfect!
    I think with the pre beta that have quite a few of the kinks worked out.
    Overall I love the interface, I wish the games would come gack for consideration of older generation users that still love their windows xp. For the performance alone I would be willing to do a solo install of windows 8.

    For those that like to do side by side dual operating systems. This has been changed as well. So for some of your clients who may wnat the best of two worlds. Windows 8 gives the dual operating system a graphical interface as well.

    Eric Beadle

  2. I take back what I said, as of last night. I did find a way to use the classic style start menu. However it does get rid of all the Metro Ui things that come with it. Task Manager, Ribbon and one other thing. see more details at

    there are also posts at the above link on how to alternate windows 8 green background, login screen and some other pretty nifty stuff.

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