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My thoughts on Android

Now that I own two Android devices, I can officially say that I truly like their operating system. I feel that it’s got immense potential to really make an impact on the future. As we see more and more tablets come out, I think we will see Android continue to become a power-house mobile operating system.

Google first released Android on the original Droid cell phone in 2009. Since then, we have seen Android’s popularity sky-rocket. I would say it’s most famous for revolutionizing our society by introducing “Cloud Computing” (if you are unfamiliar with Cloud Computing, please read my article titled “What Is Cloud Storage?”).

As for my personal thoughts on Android, I love it. I think having my Android devices has made keeping up with friends and family easier. With it, I’m always kept up to date on breaking news, weather, and cool events going on around me. I feel like as time goes on we will see Android continue to grow, and I do believe that one day we will no longer have physical computers that we sit at, but rather some sort of mobile device to carry and use to accomplish all daily tasks.


What are your thoughts about Android? Do you own any kind of Android device?


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2 thoughts on “My thoughts on Android

  1. foremi on said:

    The Droid was not the original android phone, the made by htc G1 in 2008 was.

  2. That is a very interesting point thanks for sharing that

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