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Has email died and gone to computer heaven?

I was reading an article this week that I found to be pretty interesting. This article was about how kids in today’s society don’t really understand what the point of an email is. Though I am not really surprised by this thought, it did make me sit back for a minute and think: is email a dead part of society? I mean, if you think about it, when was the last time you told someone you would email them something? I am not talking about interaction through a social network, I am talking about personal messages, through email. In a recent survey of today’s teenager, 44% of students said that email has its place and will stick around for a little while yet; while 41% said that social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ have taken over email and made it no longer a useful tool. 15% of students were not quite sure what the future held for the once popular form of communication. I believe that there is a time and a place for email and also believe that there is a separate time and place for social networking. If you are in a corporate environment, then it’s more professional and safe to email information back and forth; if you are just having a casual conversation amongst friends, then it is more practical to use a social network. It will be interesting to see what really does happen to the world of email in the next few years.


Do you think email is a dead form of communication? If you still use email, what importance does it have to you?


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One thought on “Has email died and gone to computer heaven?

  1. I think email services will be around at least untill there is a way to change what we use for password recovery and signing up for accounts. There is our mobile phone numbers via SMS. However, if we change numbers then what would happen?

    I think emails will be around for a long time especially in the era of cloud computing, where then it will be a battle of services facebook mail, google and msn vs Isp.

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