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What is all the talk about Steve Jobs for

Steve Jobs former CEO of apple publicly submitted his resignation letter to apple yesterday. Yes this is shocking in that he was one of the Cofounders of the company. Steve Jobs is being replaced by Tim Cook. As some of you may know Steve has been battling with health issues for quite some time now. Tim Cook has been the man in charge through out steve’s absences. Steve thinks that Tim Cook will run the company in almost the same way that he has for years. even though this is a major change don’t expect the company to change to much. They will still produce the same quality products that they always have. I feel that if anything the company may become a little bit stronger in that they have a newer guy on top who is planning to bring a few fresh ideas to Apple. Tim Cook joined apple in March of 1998 as the Senior vice president of world operations, He has been handling the duties of CEO since about January of this year. The big point he wants people to understand through this change is that nothing within the company or product quality will change.





How do you think Apple will do through out this time of change? do you think the reputation they have will stand as it is?



As always thanks for reading I appreciate all the support


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