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what is “Cloud” Storage

I  may have introduced a new term to some of you in my last blog when I referred to something called “Cloud Storage Services.” In this article I am going to explain what all this chatter about cloud services is about, as well as why I think cloud storage is a good thing in this day and age.

The basic idea behind cloud computing is that you can start a document where ever you are and save it using a service such as Drop Box, Microsoft’s Sky Drive, or Google Docs and be able to finish it somewhere else. Let’s say you’re a college student who does not have a laptop. You could start a paper in the library area on your college campus, and when you have to leave you can save your document in the cloud and finish it on the desktop computer in your dorm room or home. Cloud storage eliminates the need to carry around flash drives and portable hard drives that, after a while, can be bulky and hard to keep track of.

Cloud services can also be used with smart phones and tablets in that these devices now come with professional suites on them, which is awesome considering the small amount of storage space a smart phone or tablet has. I think that as cloud storage grows we will see it streamlined with more and more in our lives; not only on a personal level but a business level as well. Businesses can use cloud storage as a place to store system backups and important files because there is a very, VERY small chance that you will ever come across data loss while using a cloud service. I do believe that in the coming years we will see physical storage space shrink and cloud storage space grow and become more popular.

Do you or will you use cloud storage? What do you think about it?


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