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What’s The Big Deal About Tablet Computing?

Tablet Computing is starting to become a very big part of today’s society. For those of you wondering why that is, I hope to solve that with this article.

Some of the biggest tablets on the market today are made by Blackberry, Sony, Apple, and Asus. Tablet Computing has sparked a major change in some industries, like the medical industry, where doctors and nurses used to carry actual physical patient files around. Now you see them carrying tablets that allow them to view all the patients’ files. This is made possible because tablets integrate with a thing called cloud storage. Cloud storage means you can store your information on the internet. Cloud storage has become very secure, and personally, I think that cloud storage is awesome because you can open a file any where you have an internet connection. I think the use of tablets and cloud storage could eventually one day make laptops a thing of the past.

Another thing that makes tablets nice is their small size. Most tablets are a lot smaller than a full laptop which makes them more portable. The battery life of a tablet can differ depending on what you are using the tablet to do. If you have a lot of applications that you utilize, then your battery life will reflect that. Same as if you use it just to read the news every day; your battery life will be reflected by the use.

Tablets can do everything from word processing to surfing the web to playing games- you name it and a tablet can probably do it. But the key point to a tablet is that you get all the functionality of a laptop for less than a laptop would cost you. Laptops range in price from about $500-$1000 depending on what brand you buy. Tablets usually range from the $250-$500 range again depending on what brand you buy. I own a tablet and find it nice when I don’t want to lug my laptop and accessories out with me. I feel that with time the tablet revolution will only grow.

Do you have or will you get a tablet? What are your thoughts on tablets becoming the thing of the future?


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One thought on “What’s The Big Deal About Tablet Computing?

  1. To your post blog question, Up untill windows 8 release. I was intending on getting a tablet. I still might. Mainly due to how fast hardware comes out in laptops. I feel that a tablet is a better investment for on the go working.

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